Projects & Clients

Damage Control - Assessment - Cleanup - Recycle

Core Projects Group has completed a large variety of projects that involve solving problems of environmental contamination, natural disaster damage and risk minimization. Core has the capability, experience and credentials to handle projects that present complexity and compliance with regulatory authorities. Core starts and finishes with the clients goals in mind.

Rockport Terminals

Large scale (250 acres) delineation and soil/water remediation project including 65,000 ton onsite soil landfarm


65,000 ton onsite soil landfarm using bioremediation to treat soils affected by oil spills

Liquid Spill

Pumping/cleanup and beneficial re-use of 1.2 million gallons of liquid fertilizer spill

Disposal Well Fire Cleanup

Abatement, assessment, demolition and cleanup of oil field water disposal well destroyed by lightning.

Site Assessments

Environmental Site Assessments and reporting

Demolition - Hurricane Harvey

Demolition - Debris Cleanup

Demolition and emergency removal of debris. Site and safety assessments for owners, FEMA, insurance.