Environmental Surveys

Core Projects Group can perform NORM surveys, Phase I and II Environmental Clearances.

An integral part of best practices or buy/selling property is to perform Environmental Surveys on the land and facilities. Core Projects Group can travel to your site and do a variety of investigations to suit your requirements and budget.

Site is mapped with target sample locations identified.

site is mappedDepending on type of survey, sample locations, site photos and land surveys are compiled for the work and report.

Sampling and Field Notes

field notes

Comprehensive field notes are taken and carry data that will make up part of the final report.



Sampling is conducted according to the engineers requirements

Anomalies or hazards are noted


Field notes carry confidential information that will be provided to client and include all observations while on site.

Up to date equipment

calibration report

All equipment is carries a certificate of calibration and all samples are test through accredited laboratories.

Compiling data and reporting

final report

Reports are prepared in a format required by client for use in mineral production, real estate transactions, compliance with RRC, TCEQ or local governments.