November 14, 2017

Core services first unit barge in company owned Port

E Squared Marine docked at the Rockport Terminals port with 2 x 30,000 barrel barges. Core Projects helped the arrival during the night and the barges and 2000hp tug made it into the protected port and docked at the concrete bulkhead. The barges were serviced the next day and night and made their way to the Port of Corpus Christi for a product change.
This was a proof of concept for the exercise as a unit barge had not docked there for 8 years. The depth of the channel is 8-10’ and is located right on BUS HWY 35, handy for product transportation by road or rail. There are also bulk tanks on site with 45,000 bbl storage and connected to the port by pipeline.
Dock GPS 27.56124 97.06510